Why Use a Blog Writing Service?

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At Away With Words, we some­times encounter peo­ple who gen­uine­ly want to know “why use a blog writ­ing ser­vice?” And since “because it feeds out cat” wasn’t get­ting the laughs we hoped for (and we don’t have a cat) we thought we’d write some­thing a bit more sensible. 

Why use a blog writing service

You already know why blog­ging is so impor­tant for your busi­ness (yeah you do) but why do you need to spend hard-earned cash on a blog writ­ing ser­vice when you have a key­board and some fin­gers that do just fine?

1. You can focus on what you’re good at

Every­one can write, but not every­one can write well. A blog writ­ing ser­vice takes the min­utes, hours and days you waste star­ing at a blank page and turns them into time you’re invest­ing in run­ning your busi­ness, grow­ing your cus­tomer list or watch­ing Don’t Pay Take it Away (we don’t judge). If blog­ging isn’t an effec­tive use of your paid time, a blog writ­ing ser­vice will be.

2. You sound better

A pro­fes­sion­al blog writ­ing ser­vice is skilled at repli­cat­ing your tone of voice, find­ing the right sta­tis­tics, writ­ing for the audi­ence, engag­ing read­ers and proof­read­ing. Qual­i­ty con­tent sells, slop­py con­tent has no one com­ing back for seconds.

3. You stay regular

Doc­tors say it’s good for you and who are we to argue. We all know that blog writ­ing can fall to the bot­tom of that to-do list. Espe­cial­ly when your reserve it for a Fri­day after­noon, which cur­rent­ly is best spent nurs­ing a beer, cider or Fruit Shoot in the gar­den than churn­ing out words. A blog writ­ing ser­vice posts reg­u­lar con­tent, mak­ing your web­site always look up-to-date, your to-do list short­er, your audi­ence sat­is­fied and Google interested.

4. You stay topical

Not only do you need to find the time to write your blogs but you also need to keep on top of what to talk about, which takes plan­ning and time. A blog writ­ing ser­vice does that for you and keeps your audi­ence (and you) updat­ed on indus­try-rel­e­vant top­ics that you might not have yet discovered.

5. You get to enjoy them

Ever pulled a Jamie Oliv­er and cooked a 30-minute meal but not enjoyed it because it took you 100 pans and five hours? No, us nei­ther – food’s food but when you write, re-write, proof­read, re-write and then pub­lish your blog, going back to read it just isn’t the same.

Why use a blog writing service?

Because why spend time with a blank page when you can make friends with A Way With Words.


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