Blogs, User Guides, Social Media and Coffee: What We’ve Been Up To This Week

A Way With Words

With our feet firm­ly back in the UK, we’ve been busy with blog writ­ing, social media posts, user guides, cof­fee and more. 

.NET skill set

IT recruit­ment spe­cial­ist, Evo­lu­tion Recruit­ment, is on the look­out for .NET devel­op­ers across the UK. We’ve been work­ing on a series of blogs cov­er­ing com­mon char­ac­ter­is­ticstop skills, and this week, the top resources for stay­ing on top.

How do I do this?

Mul­ti-chan­nel man­age­ment soft­ware provider, Expand­ly, knows. We’ve long been cre­at­ing the blogs for ecom­merce expert Expand­ly, but this week we start­ed a new project: user guides. We’ll be work­ing on all of their how-to guides, get­ting them sim­ple, under­stand­ably and “Expand­ly”.

This week was spent research­ing what Expand­ly cur­rent­ly does, what its com­peti­tors do and how they can do it better.

Staying social

This week we talked social media over cof­fee, with a local Mil­ton Keynes busi­ness look­ing to start a new project. More infor­ma­tion to be tweet­ed soon.


We’ve also had queries on a fash­ion blog and web­site re-work, tech­ni­cal copy­writ­ing and press releas­es. Busy bee.

Have a great weekend


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