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In the same way that a builder neglects his house, I am guilty of neglect­ing my web­site. Sure, 2019 was busy with lots of new clients, plen­ty of writ­ing work and a 42 km jog around Lon­don, but that’s no excuse. 

Am I sor­ry? 100%. Am I going to try bet­ter in 2020? Def­i­nite­ly, and here’s a selec­tion of what’s to come:


In 2019, I spent many a sleep­less night work­ing on a sis­ter com­pa­ny to A Way With Words. Deliv­er­ing the same out­stand­ing ser­vice, but with a more focused twist, all will be revealed shortly.


This web­site will also be under­go­ing a much-need­ed revamp, and we’re not just talk­ing blogs. While this design served me well dur­ing the ear­ly days, it’s time for a new and updat­ed look. Watch this space.

Chit chat

One of the (many) excus­es I made to myself about not keep­ing up with my own blog was that I did­n’t know what to write about. Not the best words to be uttered by a copy­writer, but it’s the truth. While I have no prob­lem com­ing up with blog ideas for clients, I’ve not been entire­ly sure whether this blog should be for writ­ing tips, exam­ples of my work, or just a five-minute chuck­le about the life of a copy­writer. Going for­ward, it will be a con­ver­sa­tion­al mix of all three.


Yep, it’s not just my blog that’s been miss­ing in action, my social posts have too. Expect more tweets, posts, shares and com­ments in the com­ing months, just for you.


You’ll be glad to hear that my clients have all be feel­ing the love in the past year, with plen­ty of projects, words and con­tent. In 2020, I’ll be work­ing on a huge vari­ety of projects includ­ing user guides, blogs, long-form con­tent, white papers, award appli­ca­tions and much more.

If you’d like to be a part of my 2020, then get in touch today. And, if you notice me slack­ing on any of my promis­es, feel free to give me a prod.


About A Way With Words

A Way With Words is a copy­writ­ing ser­vice based in Mil­ton Keynes but work­ing across the globe. Don’t strug­gle with con­tent, get in touch today.



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